new attendance record

The International Conference for Biofabrication 2016 has broken last years attendance record. With the community growing steadily, we are looking forward to next years biofabrication conference which will be held in beijing, china.



BIOFABRICATION journal impact factor increase

Biofabrication celebrates its new impact factor of 4.702! For more information visit: HTTP://IOPSCIENCE.IOP.ORG/JOURNAL/1758-5090 for more


Biofabrication Conference 2016

The 2016 Biofabrication Conference will be held in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on October 29-31. all information is now available on the website: http://www.biofabrication2016.org.


New Vice-president, Secretary-General and Treasurer elected

During the Board meeting held in Utrecht in November 2015, a new vice-president, secretary-general, and treasurer where elected. This was later ratified during the 2015 General Assembly. Prof. James Yoo has become the Vice-President, while Prof. Lorenzo Moroni was elected as Treasurer and A/Prof Tim Woodfield as Secretary-General. Together with the President, A/Prof Jos Malda, and the board, they will work on the further maturation of the ISBF.


New Bylaws ratified

During the General Assembly of the ISBF in Utrecht ON November 7th, 2015, the new bylaws of the ISBF were ratified. These bylaws were based on the initial bylaws adopted in 2006 and can be found at the ISBF Bylaws 2015.